Ally’s Angels

Growing up Catholic, being a clairvoyant was very much shunned upon, but I always felt protected and guided by the angels. I was 17 when I went in to my first ‘new age’ store, they were offering angel card readings, and I felt guided to receive one. It was amazing how accurate and loving the advice and guidance I received. I then felt drawn to the angel card section of the store and i discovered “Angel Therapy” By Doreen Virtue and in an instant my life changed forever.

As I continued to read ‘angel therapy’, I started to realise that there is nothing wrong with being an clairvoyant or intuitive ,in fact it’s a blessing.  My very first oracle card deck, ‘messages from your angels’ by Doreen virtue. Soon enough I was dong angel card readings for my friends and family and i absolutely loved it.

I continued to do free angel card readings up until about 2 years ago when my amazing partner booked the Certified Angel Card Reading workshop with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine in Melbourne. Through this course I gained the confidence to widen my reach and offer pain angel card readings, this was a big thing for me, as I was happily doing the readings for free, I now understand that for each angel card reading there has to be an equal exchange of energy.

I have always believed in angels ever since I was a little girl I was always drawn to the Angelic depictions from the bible. In fact I still have a beautiful gold angel pendant from my grandmother. These beautiful loving angels continue to protect, guide and inspire me to be the best person I can be (You have loving angels all around you too).

I love helping people live their truth and fulfil their life purpose, because I firmly believe that we all have special gifts to offer this world and this world desperately needs your gifts.So, whether it’s your career, your relationship or health I can help guide you in the right direction with my angel card readings.


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I am also available for phone, email and skype readings.

“With faith, all things are possible”

– Doreen Virtue

I am also available for group workshops and Angel parties – please contact me on 0415693724 to book your next reading.