Benefits Of Baby Massage

Baby massage is a beautiful way to help you bond with your baby, improve your baby’s sleeping patterns, and helps to relieve any aches and pains such as teething, colic and wind – making your life a whole lot easier.

Baby Massage:

–        Relaxes both you and your baby creating a happy home environment.

–        Supports healthy digestion, preventing constipation.

–        Promotes your baby’s growth & development, helping them meet their milestones.

–        Stimulates your baby’s immune system, helping fight off infections.

–        Improves prolactin production, enhancing your breastmilk production.

–        Significantly reduces the risk of post-natal depression.

–        Allows you to communicate with your baby through touch.

–        Great opportunity for dad and baby to spend time together and bond.

–        Enhances weight gain and brain development in premature babies.

–        Help with a wide range of special needs.

And so much more.